Wednesday, June 10 – the Trip Home

This is the last entry from our trip! Enjoy!

The last day of our trip was much more eventful than we anticipated. We dropped off the rental car, I got a cafe mocha from Cafe La Taza and we headed to the airport. Jason spent most of the flights thinking about work, making some notes and trying to bring his brain back from California. I spent most of the flight trying not to throw up on the poor guy next to me.

We arrived back in Dallas to some very overcast weather. We got in the car and noticed quite a bit of lightning. I turned on the radio and we landed during the middle of a tornado warning! This huge line of severe thunderstorms was barreling our direction and we were only about 10 minutes in front of it. We were hoping to pick up the dog and make it home before the storm found us so I was pushing our little Beamer to the brink of acceptable speeds.

Somewhere between downtown and the Hwy 80 split I heard a rumbling noise…we had a flat tire! What poor timing! I slowed down and exited the freeway. Jason and I executed a tire change in record time! 5 minutes flat! It was almost like a tire change ballet – beautifully executed with not a second wasted. Unfortunately, the storm caught us just as we were finishing up and we had to drive the rest of the way in a the pouring rain and 70 mph winds! What an exciting end to an exciting trip!

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