A Weight Loss Update

One week has passed since the beginning of my December resolution. I have made several changes to my normal eating patterns in the past week and those changes seem to be working.

I’ve been counting calories, which I have done before so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I have also made a point to try to regulate my blood sugar levels – which means not eating anything that contains excessive amounts of refined sugar. This may seem easy but I have a major sweet tooth so for me this is a challenge.

For example, normally, in my daily cup of coffee (of which I generally have two of a day) I put a tablespoon of sugar and 3 tablespoons of half and half. Each cup contains approximately 100 calories x 2 a day = 200 calories. Instead I have started using Stevia Extract and soy milk. That cuts each cup down to 25 calories per day and eliminates the sugar entirely. So just by changing my coffee I’ve cut out 150 calories per day. Not bad.

I haven’t started the exercise portion of this plan…mainly because I’ve been lazy. I was in Canton for 5 of those days which made things difficult but I’m not making excuses. I will try to start the gym tonight.

I weighed myself this morning and this is where I stand as of this morning:
Weight 160.0
Body Fat %: 35%

That’s an 8 pound weight loss in a week. Hmmm, something about that doesn’t seem right. Well, when I first weighed myself it was about 3 PM and I know that you get the most accurate weight reading first thing in the morning so I want to try and take my weekly weight readings in the morning – which is what I did today. That explains a difference of about 4 pounds. I will attribute a pound to difference in hydration levels. So that puts my weight loss this week to 3 pounds or so this week. Not bad at all.

Jason and I are leaving town for a little golf getaway this weekend. Two rounds in two days…that will burn a lot of calories – unfortunately this also involves a nice dinner and I’m sure some good wine. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle that. We’ll see.

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