Week 3.

I weighed myself this morning – 159.6 lbs I am holding steady at 8.4 lbs lost.

Am I discouraged? No. I know that I am sticking to my plan and I am encouraged that I didn’t gain any weight while we were in Lubbock (there was an all you can eat buffet involved, that’s all you need to know!)

This is week 3 of 29 – that means I am 10% finished with my timeline and I am 20% of the way to my goal!

Jason and I are going skiing on January 8 (a blog post to come) and I would like to be at 155 by the time we leave so I am setting that as a short term goal to help me get through the holidays unscathed!

Tonight will be a real test. We’re going to the Ritz for dinner at Fearing’s. I’m will make sure I watch what I eat all day so I don’t have a complete meltdown!

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