Weight Loss & New Year’s Resolution Updates

Here I am, a full two months into my December resolution and even though I’m not actually loosing weight I do have progress to share!

I did my monthly measurement this morning and I lost a total of 4.5 inches in January! AND…my pants are falling down! Woohoo!

Also, I went to Target yesterday to buy my semi-annual supply of cheap t-shirts and I’ve gone down a full t-shirt size! Yippee!

On top of that, I feel like a completely different person, which is always a plus!

Today, being the first of February, would also be an appropriate time to give you an update on my New Year’s resolutions.

Here they are in case you’ve forgotten:

1. Keep the house clean.
Clearly, this was an unrealistic goal. Broke this one in the first week.

2. Keep a workout journal (which would actually involve working out).
This has been the most important resolution for me. I bought a 2010 calendar and have written down every workout since the beginning of the year. I’ll even show you pictures to prove it! I am already enjoying looking back at the workouts I have completed!

3. Manage my time better.
I’m not exactly sure what I meant by this. It is most certainly not being done. Case in point: it is 11:00 am and I am still wearing my pajamas and I haven’t done a single thing all day…except blog.

4. Drink more water.
Drinking less water would have been very difficult considering that I was drinking practically no water at all prior to January 1st..This resolution has been remarkably easy to keep thanks to an awesome Christmas present from my parents, the coolest water bottle ever! (They also come in green, blue, gray and purple and are available at Target and Academy…probably other places too. It is possible that I will write a blog post about my water bottle, that’s how much I love it!)

5. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
This one didn’t stand a chance. I broke this one sometime around January 2nd and is currently being broken in spectacular fashion.

Now that it’s 11:30 I need start managing my time better, do all the dirty dishes and clean up the house!

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