Crash & Burn

Everything comes at a price, right? One of the few inherent dangers of running is falling. Running in and of itself is really nothing more than a controlled fall, if you think about it. You spring yourself forward with nothing but your foot to catch you….

What happens when your foot doesn’t catch you? Your elbow does. Or your hip. Or your knee. Whatever hits the ground first.

I have fallen while running before. One morning after Jason left for work I decided to take an early morning jog. It was so early, in fact, that it was still dark out. I decided to jog on the sidewalk to avoid one of the other inherent dangers of running. Getting hit by a car.

Unfortunately, when it’s dark outside it is difficult to see exactly where you are going. Thus, my toe hits a crack in the sidewalk and I do a full-fledged belly-flop onto the ground. Pain. Blood. Ouch.

Today, same outcome, different story. Someone’s dog comes running out of a front yard and scares Baxter. Baxter tries to run away and in the process wraps his leash around my feet. What catches my fall instead? Right elbow. Ouch!

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