Weight Loss…Again. I’m glad this is almost over.

So much to blog about…so little time. Okay, maybe time isn’t the limiting factor here. For your reading pleasure I’ll try to make this concise.

I have cleared the 6 month mark of my December resolution. I, honestly, am a little surprised that I made it this far. Only a few other accomplishments in my life that required more than two weeks of perseverance have actually made it to the finish: graduating from college… paying off debt…dating Jason (j.k. honey, I love you!) I am proud to say that I can add loosing weight to that list of accomplishments, even though I’m not finished yet…I now know that I will.

I decided several months ago that my weight loss goal wasn’t going to be an absolute number but rather a range, a five pound range from 128 to 133. Obviously 128 is ideal but this will allow for some fluctuation without me getting into a tizzy every time I step on the scale.

This morning I weighed in at 134.8 – 33.2 pounds down, 6.8 pounds to go. Only 1.8 pounds before I hit the top of my range…the number on the scale has become a carrot…

Come on Joni. You’re so close. You can do it. Come and get it. Just a little further. You’re almost there.

I’m not out of the woods yet. Still, a number of opportunities are available to help me fall off the wagon. The most imposing of which is our upcoming vacation to California. Last time I checked vacations are not calorie friendly!

On the plus side, on Tuesday, I registered for the White Rock Marathon! I have labored for a while to come up with a training plan that will fit my schedule and I believe that I have succeeded. Wanna see it? Click here (Thank you, Lloyd & Buck, for hosting my schedule!). I plan to update this periodically as I train so feel free to check back from time to time to see the progress. Hopefully, on December 6, I can add “finished marathon” to the aforementioned list of accomplishments!

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