California – Days 3 thru 5

On Friday we packed up our stuff, picked up our rental car and started the drive to Monterey…but not before we ate breakfast at Cafe La Taza.

We have driven down the Pacific Coast Highway before but the scenery never gets old. It’s difficult to not just stare out the window in awe.

The drive was relatively uneventful. We got to Monterey with no problem and as soon as we arrived we headed off to play a round of golf at Tehama. For all the golfers that follow my blog (are there any?) Tehama is diabolical. It is in a location where there should perhaps not be a golf course but that’s part of its charm.

It was cold. Very cold. Windy. Very windy. And overcast. I lost 8 balls. BUT. I had a blast!

I really feel like my golf game is getting better. Don’t you???

At least I look good. A giant improvement over my pictures from Tehama from last year.

After golf we headed back to hang out with some friends and enjoy some wine.

First thing Saturday morning we went to the US Open where we camped out on the 14th green to watch the professional golf carnage. That’s basically what we did all day.

Much of the same on Sunday. We sat on the 12th hole and watched all day long.

All in all, the US Open was awesome. If you’re a golfer/golf fan and want to know more about the Open send me and email. I’ll tell you all about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures because they don’t allow cameras or cell phones into the event. I would normally be upset about this but I have endless photos stored away in my head. It was unforgettable.

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