California – Day 6

On Monday, we packed up the car and left Pebble Beach. 🙁 But before we hit the road we enjoyed a little cruise down 17-mile drive. To say that the scenery is beautiful is an understatement. The scenery is almost other-worldly; the way the ocean meets the land looks like it comes from a fairy tale.

We even got to see The Lone Cypress. It is the symbol of Pebble Beach and is 250 years old. Crazy how it can grow out of the rock like that.

After our little drive we headed out of Monterey and began the 4 hour trip to Napa Valley. On our way we stopped in Davenport at Taqueria El Jarro – something that has become somewhat of a tradition during our trips down the coast. This place makes real Mexican food – not greasy Tex-Mex.

If you ever find yourself in Davenport, CA, I highly recommend that you stop by. Plus the view is spectacular.

A quick trip over the Golden Gate Bridge (something that never gets old) and the next thing we knew we were in Napa Valley.

We got checked into the hotel and had just an hour to make ourselves presentable before our French Laundry reservation.

I will write a separate post about The French Laundry. Yes, it is expensive but if you can get a reservation and don’t mind spending at least $250 per person on dinner then I highly recommend it. Do it at least once. It is an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. I would love to delve into each individual course and describe the experience but this blog entry is already long enough!

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