Love of Pain

One of the side-effects of my weight loss quest is a new found love of running. I’ve run in some form or another almost all my life but I never really loved it, not like I do now. I am thankful for this new love. It will help keep me skinny. Which leads me to this post…

Today is the start of week 10 of marathon training. Though I am already a third of the way through the hard stuff hasn’t even gotten started. Since day one, I have been struggling through a nasty case of shin splints. The past couple of weeks I have deviated from my planned training schedule because I am afraid the shin splint pain is getting worse. The aftermath of this little lay off is that I feel lazy and inadequate even though I still ran 10 miles last week.

Why do I feel this way? Because I’m not in pain. That’s why. I think that I’m addicted to pain. Is that wrong? The funny thing about pain for me is that when I’m in it I’m trying to figure out how to make it go away but when I’m not I feel like I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

Strange how that is.

I’m about to go running though…let the pain begin!

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