And Then There Were Three!

Friday, September 10, was a day that changed our lives forever. That was the day this happened…

For those of you keeping track, that was only five days after the Virginia Beach Half Marathon…which means I ran 13.1 miles when I was six weeks pregnant. Yeah, I know. Wow. No wonder it was so hard.
Three weeks later, we were at the doctor where we got to see little Baby Buck for the first time. Her little heart was beating like crazy and while we were watching her we even saw her move – something which the doctor said was a treat that early in the pregnancy. From that day forward she has been referred to as the Wiggle Worm.
Notice that I am referring to Wiggle Worm as a “she” but in reality we don’t know the sex of our child. I have been using the pronoun “he” and “she” interchangeably instead of calling the Wiggle Worm an “it” – I figure I’m right half the time. We will find out the sex of the baby at an appointment about two months from now.  As soon as we find out I will let you know, trust me.
We went to our second doctor’s appointment yesterday. They got all the necessary medical stuff out of the way and we got to hear her heartbeat. Even with the ultrasound and the heartbeat it wasn’t until the doctor sent us home with a goodie bag full of formula samples, bottles and catalogs of baby stuff that it became real.
Are we excited?
Is the Earth round?
Of course we’re excited! Thrilled is a better word!
Wiggle Worm is expected to make her appearance on May 7. I cannot imagine a better Mother’s Day present!

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