Introducing Evelyn!

On Monday, May 16, after a long labor, our daughter Evelyn was born via unplanned c-section.  She was 8 pounds, 2ounces and 21 inches long.

I realize this post is a little belated but life with a newborn has made everything more difficult…including blogging, which I am currently doing with one hand. I do admit that I’m impressed with my one-handed typing ability and suspect it will be getting even better in the weeks to come.

I am amazed how quickly she has changed. Everyone has heard the old cliche “they grow up fast,” but not until now did I really understand what they meant. Many of the brand new baby things are already gone and her little personality is starting to show. I never thought in 12 days that she could change so much! I often just find myself staring at her trying to imbed as much of her newbornness into my memory as I can because I know it is fleeting.

Today is a big day in the life of 12 day old Evelyn. Today she gets to meet Uncle Andrew and Aunt Megan for the first time.  I intend to break out the camcorder for this introduction!

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