Our New House

Orignally written: June 12, 2011

We are officially moved into our new house! I’d show you pictures but the camera is in a box somewhere and I have no clue where to find it. So, for now just envision room after room of boxes stacked chest high. Perhaps one day I will find the camera and share our new home with you.

Our new house has so many things about it that I love. I love the kitchen, dining room and den. Upstairs there’s a gameroom, that I have a feeling, will become our unofficial family hangout. The backyard is huge (compared to our old one) , the neighborhood is certainly an upgrade and my brother and sister-in-law live just down the street…literally. It’s only a half mile walk to their house.

There are also things that I don’t love – the master bathroom for one…it is on the renovation list and for a 3,000 sq ft house it has a surprising lack of storage. But if you want to turn lemons into lemonade: we can renovate the bathroom and the lack of storage will force us to purge!

We are slowly acclimating. It still smells like the previous owners and makes noises I don’t recognize but every day I spend here it feels more like home.

The move was slightly rougher on Evelyn than I anticipated.  She had just adjusted to our old house when we moved down. She had a few very rough days while we were staying with my parents and I think she may have picked up on some of my stress during the move. For only being three weeks old, she’s an observant little creature.

I missed Houston. I’m so glad that we’re finally back. Hopefully things will calm down soon and we will get settled but until then we’re doing the best we can!


I found the camera and have taken some photos for you! Unfortunately, after spending the last hour adding pictures and captions to this post WordPress chose not the publish them. So, here’s a link to our house photos on Picasa!

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