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My sister-in-law rocks. She has a hobby which involves making a cake for each and every one of her friends and family for their birthday along with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. She places thought and love into each cake and that is reflected in the level of effort she puts forth, dedicating hours upon hours to each one. Her cakes are a very special gift and very much appreciated by those who are lucky enough to recieve one.


This is the cake she made for Jason’s birthday. See what I mean??? Crazy! She has amazing talent…and patience!

Her birthday was in December. I knew someone would make her a birthday cake but I was pretty sure no one was going to make her a CAKE… the kind she makes for everyone else. Knowing how much she enjoys caking for her family and friends I was sure she would appreciate a special birthday cake of her own.

Thus, I started my second fancy-cake baking adventure. (The first was a pumpkin shaped cake for Halloween I made with Dirty Kitchen Adventures about 10 years ago which we pulled an all-nighter to complete. I don’t have any pictures of said pumpkin cake, as this was looong before the digital photo.) I decided early on that the cake needed to be a depitction of Meg making a cake. Several trips to HEB and Hobby Lobby later I was ready to get started.

I started with two cakes one chocolate and one vanilla.


After cutting off the tops so they were flat I stacked them with buttercream as the frosting. Then took a piece of paper and drew out my cake layout.  I then placed the paper on top of the cake and used a pairing knife to trace the cake design. Then I cut out the pieces careful not to break them.


The cake is a recreation of Meg’s kitchen. The island is in the lower right, fridge upper right and oven on the left side. I stuck several bamboo skewers into the stacks to keep them from falling over, covered the whole thing in a buttercream crumb coat and then put it in the fridge to let it set overnight.

The next day I made two batches of marshmallow fondant and started the covering process.




By that point I was becoming impressed with my own level of creativity so I decided to add a sink at the last minute! Go me! Finally it was time for the finishing touches…and Meg! Don’t forget Meg! Unfortunately, I am not as good as making fondant people as I am kitchen appliances which means Meg came out looking like a gumby giant. I’m sorry, Meg.






All in all, the cake making experience was a good one. I might make another one later but not anytime soon…they’re a lot of work! Maybe for Meg’s birthday next year. Happy brithday, Meg!

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