Rocky Road


I’ve been doing all my long training runs at my parents house. It works out great for us both, they get their grandparent time with E and I get to run sans jogging stroller.

Mom and Dad still live in the house where I grew up on a short, dead-end road in the country. It’s a 3/4 mile long street where little traffic means stress free runs. Generally, its just me and some cows…and the occasional car. It’s quiet, scenic and peaceful.

Before I start my run I always hang my water bottle on the fencepost, put my GU in the mailbox and grab a handful of rocks from the driveway. Yes. Rocks.

Since each round trip is only a mile and a half and my longest planned run (next weekend!) is 22 miles you can understand how easily it would be to loose count of exactly how far I’ve run.

I pick up a rock for each lap I need to run and put the handful of rocks on top of a fencepost in the driveway. As I complete each lap I stop and move one rock at a time to a second fencepost. I always know exactly how far I’ve gone and exactly how far I need to go. It’s quite effective…until I forget to move a rock and then I end up running too far. That hasn’t happened…yet.

This picture represents my run today, 12 miles…8 rocks.

I like to leave the rocks there when I’m finished. They say, “Joni ran here. She ran hard. She went home tired.”


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