Marathon Update #4

Sunday, I successfuly completed my longest run, a 22 miler. With that victory the hardest part of marathon training is officially behind me! I am in the beginning of my taper and I am thankful for the mileage reprieve. Last week, I ran 48 miles! Yikes!

I’m not completely unscathed. I have some pain in the ball of my left foot and some sore toenails which I believe are bruised. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking…

She’s complaining about sore toenails?

First of all, you don’t fully appreciate not-sore toenails until they are sore. Secondly, I don’t have much else to complain about and for that I am extremely thankful. My toenails are the sorest part of my body. So there you go. My toenails hurt.

It’s amazing how a little perspective changes things. This week my long run is 12 miles. Am I worried about this? Not in the least.

Our longest training run for the San Antonio Half Marathon was 12 miles. I remember that day. I dreaded it. Ugh, I have to run for two whole hours! This is gonna suck!

But now, oh how the tables have turned. Wow. I only have to run for two hours! Sweet! I love easy days!

Though I have grown accustomed to the long mileage, I am not taking it for granted. The human body is an amazing thing! With every run I am in awe at the things the body can do; it can run 22 miles on Sunday, take a day off on Monday and then run five miles on Tuesday with little more than sore toenails.

Wow. Just wow.

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