Marathon Vet Coming Through!

Back in the summer of 2009, I was sitting on a table in the orthepotedic surgeons office staring at an x-ray of my broken ankle. The brake had healed and I had finally gotten permission to start walking around without my boot.

I asked the doctor, “Is there any activity I should aviod?” His reply was straightforward, obvious and yet not what I was expecting.

“You can do whatever you want. If it hurts, stop.”

That advice has proven helpful on more than one occasion since and was especially helpful on Saturday morning as I set off on my first run as a marathon veteran.

It was an easy 3 miles with the hubby, the baby & the dog. A nice, slow, see how it goes, play it by ear, kind of run. I set off with the intention of doing exactly what the doctor told me to do that day three years ago. If it hurts, stop.

Except it didn’t hurt. Yes, my muscles were a little tight and all my joints a little stiff but I could not have asked for anything more!

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