Salt Dough Ornaments

Several weeks ago I saw a post on the Alphamom website about making salt dough Christmas ornaments and immediately I thought, we’re going to do this! What a fun activity! Evie loves to help me cook and this is something she can actually have fun with.IMG_1638Last week, the stars aligned to make for the perfect morning inside. It was cold and dreary; the perfect morning for our salt dough project. I won’t go into specifics about the recipe or how to prepare the dough because Alphamom did such a great job but I will tell you how it went for us.IMG_1609The dough was enough to make four round ornaments (I used a wide mouth canning jar ring as my cutout) and as described in the post we had “some left over.” Actually, we had quite a bit left over because our dough came out very wet, thanks to the Houston humidity, and we had to add quite a bit more flour than the recipe called for to make it like playdoh.IMG_1642Evie was way more interested in playing in the container of flour than she was helping me with the dough. I felt bad wasting the extra dough so instead of tossing it in the trash I fished out our Christmas themed cookie cutters and made some extra ornaments to give away as gifts.IMG_1627

Unfortunately, during the painting process I left the ornaments sitting out on the kitchen table while we were out shopping. When we got home, three ornaments had mysteriously gone missing…as had the dog. We found both the ornaments and the dog hiding in the floor of my closet. The dog happy, the ornaments destroyed. Sigh. Lesson learned.IMG_1686Evie and I both had a blast with this project and I think a new holiday tradition was born! Fun!

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