Running, Weight Loss & Houston Half Training

I haven’t written a lot about running lately. Actually I haven’t written a lot at all lately. Apparently caring for two kids is three times the work of only one. I’m sure this must be the result of some bizarro exponential, mathematical, time-space continuum, wormhole thingy. I, obviously, can’t explain this phenomenon but regardless there it is.


If it weren’t for the double jogging stroller and ChildWatch at the Y, I wouldn’t be running much at all.

Just for the record, a double jogger loaded with kids is HEAVY (and getting heavier by the day)! At about 80-pounds, a run with “Yellow Bob” is like a run and weight session all in one. As cumbersome as it is though I am thankful I have it, oh so thankful!

I got clearance from the doctor to start running again on July 10th. That afternoon I went three miles and haven’t looked back since. Slowly I’ve built my weekly mileage from 9 miles that first week to 31 miles last week, including my first double digit run of 10 miles on Sunday (which was awesome I might add).

I’ve lost 10 pounds (10 to go) and I am finally starting to feel like my old self again.┬áMy baby pooch is flattening out, my abs are feeling strong and my energy level is surprisingly high considering how little sleep I’ve been getting. I’m proud of my body and how well it is adjusting to this fairly rapid increase in mileage.

To keep myself motivated, I registered for the Houston Half on October 27 and with 6-weeks left I’m finally getting into the meat of the training cycle. I love this part of training, the increase in mileage and long runs leave me feeling strong and almost invincible. Runs like today’s 6 miles remind me, however, that I am not. Doh.

Oh well, not all runs are good runs. It leaves me looking forward to tomorrow. A redemption run! Yellow Bob, I won’t let you win!

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