What I Ate Wednesday

It thought it be fun to link up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.

I got to sleep in just a little bit this morning and was somewhat rushed to get my run in before a scheduled playdate. First things first though, coffee and a banana (not pictured).

I went on a great 6 mile run during which the kids and I got DRENCHED by an unexpected rain shower. The run was quick for me, averaging 9:30 min/mi pushing the double jogger and by the time I got back I was ready for some breakfast. Today it was a banana & blueberry smoothie (almond milk, banana, peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds and blueberries).


After some fun at the playground and a trip to the grocery store we came home for lunch!


Split Pea Soup and a few slices of homemade, whole wheat french bread (this is leftover from dinner last night).

While standing in the pantry gathering stuff for dinner I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips – probably the worst food decision I made today.

The hubs came home relatively early so we got to enjoy a leisurely dinner. I made Ants in Trees and steamed some edemame.


Other stuff I have eaten over the past week include:

Ham & Cheese sandwich with baby spinach on homemade whole wheat bread (upper left)

Fried egg with a whole wheat blueberry banana muffin (upper right)

Fruit salad (center)

Mac & Cheese with smoked sausage (bottom left)

Grass fed hamburger with avocado, baby spinach & cayenne mayo on a homemade bun with baked hand cut french fries (bottom right)


It’s almost time for bed and I’m currently fighting the inner demons telling me to raid the pantry. 10 more post-partum pounds to loose! Focus, Joni. Focus!

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