Rest Days, Yoga & Introspection

Friday’s are a rest day for me. I’m supposed to be cross training on Fridays but 8-weeks into my training schedule and I haven’t so much as lifted a toe on a Friday. Yesterday morning I went to my very first yoga class ever at the Y. It was my first attempt at getting serious about my cross training on Friday.


Let me happily report that I loved it! What a great way to release tension from the week and prepare for the weekend!

I’ve done yoga before, in the privacy of my living room, by way of an instructor in my television but I’ve never been serious about it. For me, stepping into a yoga class is stepping outside myself, outside my comfort zone.

Lately I’ve been all about pushing my comfort level not just in exercise but in life. It’s time that I push my real and imagined fears and boundaries to make myself a better me. Stepping outside my comfort zone and stepping into that yoga studio is just one more way in which I’ve pushed myself this week.

Recently I’ve become much more aware of my shortcomings as a person. I’m very quiet, shy and reserved, the definition of introvert. It takes a lot of effort for me be social and making friends is hard. But recently I’ve realized that I need to be a better me so I can be a better mom.

I’m glad I pushed my boundaries and tried something new! Yoga has solidly planted itself as a Friday morning activity for me. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing! Exactly what this mom needs by Friday morning!

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