Last Week’s Running Recap

I don’t know about you but when I check the weather and see, “0% chance of rain” I generally don’t pack an umbrella.

Rain never precludes me from running (unless there’s thunder involved) but I generally prepare just a bit differently for a rainy run than I do a dry one, namely I wear a hat.

Before I walked out the door early, early Sunday morning to meet my running buddy for our long run, I checked the weather online. Chance of rain: 0%. Hat not needed, or so I thought.

Off we went on our 13 mile journey but after just a couple of miles a large looming dark cloud appears on the horizon.

“It looks like it might rain.”

It’s not supposed to be rain. That can’t be rain.


It was already cool outside, 60 degrees. Perfect running weather. Then the raindrops began. At first it was just a sprinkle then slowly the rain got heavier and heavier until we were running in a full blown downpour.

The rain drops turned into ice cold needles pelting our bodies and stinging our skin from a horizontal angle thanks to a stout North wind.

It was our first cool front of the fall and it came through during the middle of our run.

Miles 3-6 were absolutely brutal. Brutal. I’m a tough girl and don’t often complain about running in the rain but this wasn’t regular rain. It was a full blown storm. After mile 6 the wind let up but it continued to rain throughout the remainder of the run. 

BUT the run itself was great! Since it was cool and we were running slowly my heart rate stayed very low. We had only planned on doing 12 miles and decided to go the extra mile, literally, at the last minute.

That extra mile, plus and extra four miles with my hubby earlier in week brought me to my my highest weekly mileage since the baby was born. 38 miles! Woohoo!

This is what it looked like.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 miles, pace 10:11 min/mi (pushing double stroller)

Wednesday: 6 miles, pace 9:33 min/mi (pushing double stroller)

Thursday: 6 miles, pace 11:51 min/mi & 4 miles, pace 10:44 min/mi (all pushing double stroller)

Friday: 75 minutes of yoga

Saturday: 6 miles, pace 8:49 min/mi

Sunday: 13 miles, pace 10:46 min/mi

Unfortunately, yesterday I got sick and I’m still not feeling too hot today. I think today’s planned 5 miler is cancelled. I’m just going to focus today on resting and letting my body heal so I can get back at it tomorrow!

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