Ten Marathon Truths

  1. 20140301_183627 (1)You don’t truly appreciate how far 26 miles is until you get to mile 16…and then realize you still have to run TEN. MORE. MILES.
  2. Papercuts have nothing on achey toenails as one of the worst kinds of pain.
  3. Miles 20-26 will always be, in that moment, the most painful experience of your life.
  4. Those last 385 yards are evil – but not as evil as that set of stairs in your house.
  5. You know exactly what people are doing when they duck into the woods at mile 5 and you don’t care. At mile 6 you consider doing the same thing.
  6. Compression socks are worth their weight in gold.
  7. There’s never been a better excuse to eat a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two honey buns.
  8. You read about a man who completed a marathon dressed as a bottle of beer and you immediately question his sanity. You then vow to do more speed training when you realize he still finished faster than you.
  9. The post-marathon shower in a trailer is better than any you could take in a 5-star spa.
  10. Marathons are hard. That’s good because if they were easy you wouldn’t get to listen to everyone tell you how crazy you are.


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