Running Through an Outlet Mall


We were in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana over the weekend to visit my husbands family. 

Our hotel was right on the Louisiana Boardwalk, an outdoor outlet mall built right on the Red River. When we were booking our accommodations and I was given the opportunity to stay at a hotel in an OUTLET  MALL I think I practically begged Jason.


*bounces excitedly in chair*

Staying on the boardwalk was everything I thought it would be. It was a great place for Evie to run around so we weren’t cooped up in the room, there was a carousel right outside our hotel which we rode multiple times and all our dining options were within easy walking distance – a bonus when you have to schlep two kids in an out of car seats just to drive five minutes.

When we arrived on Friday evening it took approximately two seconds for me to decide that it would be an awesome place to go running and luckily I don’t go anywhere without my running stuff.

Both Saturday and Sunday morning, just as soon as I saw light coming through the window I jumped out of bed to go for a run while the rest of the family slept comfortably in the hotel.


Armed with my Garmin I set out on two very memorable runs through the all-but-abandoned shopping center. It was quiet out there but not too quiet. While I was out I saw a guy power washing the sidewalk, two trucks making their morning deliveries, people preparing to open up the stores for business and a few other crazies like me looking for some early morning fresh air.

The mall isn’t too terribly large which made for some adventurous bobbing and weaving between buildings.

It immediately became apparent that the furthest I could go was 3 miles without going crazy.

It went something like this.

Run to the Nike store, turn left and run to the river, go right for a while, run up a flight of stairs by Buffalo Wild Wings, go left at the trolley tracks…and on and on and on.

boardwalk run

It didn’t take long for me to get bored, running in circles over and over, so I started measuring distances with my watch.

Ooo, I wonder how far it is from one end of the mall to the other?  1/4 mile

I wonder how far it is to run around Bass Pro? Let’s do that! 1/4 mile

What if I ran the entire perimeter of the mall? .8 mile

Over by the movie theater I nearly had a heart attack when I ran past a jewelry kiosk and I caught a glimpse of a person out of the corner of my eye coming up RIGHT BESIDE ME. It took a couple of seconds for my brain to figure out that I’d run past a mirror and the person was my own reflection. HOLY REFLECTION BATMAN! YOU SCARED ME!

Though each run was only three miles, they were some of the most memorable runs I’ve had. It was quiet, peaceful and fun to scout out all the shops. By the time I had a couple hours to actually do some shopping I already knew exactly where everything was. Bonus!

I can easily say that I never thought I’d go running through an outlet mall but now I’m glad I did. I was a little sad when we left but I know we’ll be back.

Until next time, boardwalk. I’ll see you again!

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