Catching Up

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, no? I’d love to say that I’ve been absent for some super fantastic reason but the honest reason is that I’ve been overwhelmed. Oh so overwhelmed.

We have spent the better part of the last year remodeling our house. Planning began this time last year. We moved out in January when construction began and we moved back in at the end of July. Around that same time we started homeschooling our daughter who is in kindergarten. Between moving out of our house and into a rental, supervising the renovation, moving back into our house and figuring how to homeschool, my entire life has been one big pot of goo (I could use a different word but I’m trying to keep this clean).

My only solace? Running. That should have been a given, right?

Monday though Thursday I take out all my frustrations at the gym. During those two hours I can forget all my problems, at least temporarily. I run for an hour and then spend an hour doing any number of fun cross training, strength training and running drills. I can now run 7 miles, then do 36″ standing box jumps, 20 pullups and 25 full pushups before finally giving out. At least my stress is good for something?

The truth is, I haven’t been very happy lately and it’s certainly evident in my running. I’m a more committed athlete when I’m unhappy. The days when I’m angry, sad, stressed, lonely and depressed are the days I am most dedicated. I pour everything I have into the things that bring me joy and my running, at least right now, is pretty much all there is.

At least I know eventually, the house will come together, we will fall into a homeschooling routine and I’ll find a solution to my desire to have time away from the kids. For now, I’ll be at the gym, throwing my stress at the treadmill and trying to figure out life.



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