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What I Ate Wednesday

It thought it be fun to link up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.

I got to sleep in just a little bit this morning and was somewhat rushed to get my run in before a scheduled playdate. First things first though, coffee and a banana (not pictured).

I went on a great 6 mile run during which the kids and I got DRENCHED by an unexpected rain shower. The run was quick for me, averaging 9:30 min/mi pushing the double jogger and by the time I got back I was ready for some breakfast. Today it was a banana & blueberry smoothie (almond milk, banana, peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds and blueberries).


After some fun at the playground and a trip to the grocery store we came home for lunch!


Split Pea Soup and a few slices of homemade, whole wheat french bread (this is leftover from dinner last night).

While standing in the pantry gathering stuff for dinner I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips – probably the worst food decision I made today.

The hubs came home relatively early so we got to enjoy a leisurely dinner. I made Ants in Trees and steamed some edemame.


Other stuff I have eaten over the past week include:

Ham & Cheese sandwich with baby spinach on homemade whole wheat bread (upper left)

Fried egg with a whole wheat blueberry banana muffin (upper right)

Fruit salad (center)

Mac & Cheese with smoked sausage (bottom left)

Grass fed hamburger with avocado, baby spinach & cayenne mayo on a homemade bun with baked hand cut french fries (bottom right)


It’s almost time for bed and I’m currently fighting the inner demons telling me to raid the pantry. 10 more post-partum pounds to loose! Focus, Joni. Focus!

Baby Weight Loss. 3…2…1. Go!

It’s been six weeks since Alvy was born.

My body has, in theory, mostly healed from surgery. Though life with two small children is both physically and emotionally exhausting I think I’m adjusting well. The only remaining evidence of my pregnancy (other than the baby) is my baby weight. More specifically, 20 pounds. To hold myself accountable I’ve decided to, once again, share my weight loss journey with the world via this blog.

Starting today, Monday July 8, I will begin following these rules.

1. I can eat whatever I want but no more than 1800 calories per day. No roll over calories or “free” days. I don’t get additional calories on days that I exercise (unless it’s fuel for a long run, when I get to that point). 1800. That’s it. End of story.

2. I will only weigh myself once a week. No need to fret over small fluctuations in water weight. First thing Monday morning is my weigh-in time of choice.

3. I will record my measurements the first Monday off every month. By recording my measurements I can get a better, more accurate, idea of how well I’m doing.

That’s it. Those are my rules. With that being said I do have a few guidelines I try to follow to help make dieting easier.

1. Eat breakfast. A breakfast full of protein will keep me full for several hours.

2. Put breakfast off as long as possible. Eating breakfast late will help me eat a late lunch which, in turn, will help deter mid-afternoon snacking.

3. Go to bed early. The earlier I go to bed the less likely I am to succumb to late night snacking. This shouldn’t be too difficult since I’m pretty much exhausted all the time.

4. Make meals an event, sit at the table if possible. Try to savor and enjoy what I’m eating and try to avoid eating in front of the television.

5. Serve myself on small plates. The fuller the plate the more food it looks like I’m eating. The phrase, “you eat with your eyes” is true. Dieting is entirely mental.

I got on the scale this morning and my starting weight is 145.8. My weight pre-pregnancy fluctuated between 121-125 which means I’ve got about 20 pounds to loose with a goal date of October 27 – the date of the Houston Half Marathon – which I’ve got my eye on.

I will add exercise into the mix when I get the go ahead from my doctor to start running again. I have my six week post-partum checkup Wednesday, and unless they have exercise concerns with this placenta accreta business, I expect to start running again Wednesday evening. Woohoo! It’s been a long, long, long 10 months! Running I’ve missed you! It’s time to get my body back!


Do You Know What Today Is?

I was just sitting at the kitchen table, compiling a list of things that need to be done around the house and I just, by chance, glanced at the date.

Today is an important day! …at least in my world.

One year ago, today, I decided to change my life and loose weight!

On December 1, 2009, I sat at this exact spot at the kitchen table. Depressed and desperate, I committed, in front of all of you, to be a better person. It was always my original goal to be able to sit down a year later and tell you what a success this life changing year has been AND HERE I AM. But, boy did I have no idea how life changing this year would really be.

I lost 45 pounds. Wow. That is plenty life changing by itself but…

…even more life changing is that loosing weight allowed my body to return to its normal hormonal patterns and now, after two years of trying, I’m 5 months pregnant. Double wow. No. Triple wow!

Happy Diet Anniversary Day to me!

Weight Loss…Again. I’m glad this is almost over.

So much to blog about…so little time. Okay, maybe time isn’t the limiting factor here. For your reading pleasure I’ll try to make this concise.

I have cleared the 6 month mark of my December resolution. I, honestly, am a little surprised that I made it this far. Only a few other accomplishments in my life that required more than two weeks of perseverance have actually made it to the finish: graduating from college… paying off debt…dating Jason (j.k. honey, I love you!) I am proud to say that I can add loosing weight to that list of accomplishments, even though I’m not finished yet…I now know that I will.

I decided several months ago that my weight loss goal wasn’t going to be an absolute number but rather a range, a five pound range from 128 to 133. Obviously 128 is ideal but this will allow for some fluctuation without me getting into a tizzy every time I step on the scale.

This morning I weighed in at 134.8 – 33.2 pounds down, 6.8 pounds to go. Only 1.8 pounds before I hit the top of my range…the number on the scale has become a carrot…

Come on Joni. You’re so close. You can do it. Come and get it. Just a little further. You’re almost there.

I’m not out of the woods yet. Still, a number of opportunities are available to help me fall off the wagon. The most imposing of which is our upcoming vacation to California. Last time I checked vacations are not calorie friendly!

On the plus side, on Tuesday, I registered for the White Rock Marathon! I have labored for a while to come up with a training plan that will fit my schedule and I believe that I have succeeded. Wanna see it? Click here (Thank you, Lloyd & Buck, for hosting my schedule!). I plan to update this periodically as I train so feel free to check back from time to time to see the progress. Hopefully, on December 6, I can add “finished marathon” to the aforementioned list of accomplishments!

Weight Loss Update

This morning I woke up and did what I do every morning – I got on the scale. After a total calorie obliteration yesterday (a 6 mile run AND walking a whole round of golf) I was expecting to be slightly lighter and I got more than I was asking! 137.8! That officially kicks me over the 30 pound mark!


Weight Loss – Month 5

Here it is, a full week into May and I haven’t made a weight loss posting yet. I know, I’m sorry.

April was an interesting month as far as my weight loss was concerned. I didn’t make much weight progress. As strange as it was, the half marathon actually hampered the weight loss more than it helped it. I took a week of from exercising before the race and a full week off after the race and thus I hit a little weight plateau of sorts. I still lost 5.4 pounds and a full 5.75 inches and I’m happy with that.

This weekend my parents are driving up and my mom and I are going to run the Mom Run, a 5k in Flower Mound tomorrow. I am so unbelievable excited I can barely contain myself!

We also registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach at the beginning of September and I am seriously considering running the Hottest Half here in Dallas on August 15th and on June 1 I fully intend to register and start training for the White Rock Marathon. We’ll see how that goes…

3 Months Down, 4 Months To Go

I am officially three months into my diet and I can finally see progress beyond the tape measure. I have lost a total of 16 inches, 17 pounds and two dress sizes!

My current weight is 151 and dress size is 8 (down from 168 lbs and size 12).

I have mixed feelings about my new body. On one hand, I look much better than I did three months ago. On the other hand, I look much better than I did three months ago and it’s very easy for me to slack off. That scares me. I need to be very careful that I do not lead myself astray.

I’m two weeks from the halfway point! It’s all downhill from there!