15025290_576340269225507_260274524668721173_oTo some degree, I’ve been a runner all my life.

When I was a child my mom was a runner. We went to fun runs all over Houston and in 1992 she completed the Houston Marathon. Unfortunately, some bad hips ended her running career early but not before she passed down that love of running to me. She’s still here, cheering me on; I think she’s my biggest fan.

I lost running somewhere after graduating from college. I coasted off a high metabolism and eventually it caught up with me. After I got married, I gained 45 pounds in two years. Seven years ago, in my quest to loose weight, I rediscovered running and haven’t stopped since.

I’ve run 14 half marathons [PR 1:36] and 7 full marathons [PR 3:29] including the 2017 Boston Marathon. My weekly mileage, when not training for an event, is 45-50 miles, most of which is spent on the treadmill at the YMCA or on the trails near my home.

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