run streak

The Run Streak Ends!

Beach RunAfter 176 days and 690 miles the run streak has come to an end. It didn’t end due to injury or illness but instead I chose to bring it to an end on my own terms.

I started the streak as a way to motivate myself to run after a tough marathon training cycle and it evolved to become part of a larger challenge to help my husband lose weight. Coincidentally, he gave up alcohol to aid his weight loss quest the same day I started my run streak. This led to a little friendly bet between the two of us {read about it here}.

On Saturday he reached his goal weight (he lost 30 pounds) and cracked open a beer. Since we started our streaks together it only made sense to end them together.  I put my shoes in the closet and for the first time in nearly six months I took a day off. Actually, I took two days off. It felt odd.

Run Streak Collage

I didn’t need it to motivate me anymore. I am registered for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half on December 7th. My training plan calls for six days of running a week which includes speed work, pace runs and progression long runs. After three weeks of training while maintaining the run streak my legs were exhausted and after every run felt like wet noodles. I need that day of rest. It was time for the streak to go.

Time Out Run

I enjoyed the streak and had a hard time choosing to end it. It had me running on days I never would have laced up my shoes. I ran in a driving thunderstorm. I ran during a week long battle with Hand Foot & Mouth disease {day 81, I’ll never forget you}. I ran through a stomach bug. I ran on trips. I ran on the beach. I ran in golf clothes. One day I forgot to run and practically sprinted around my mile loop at 10 PM. I ran every single day for the better part of six months. Every. Single. Day. At least a mile.

My run streak taught me a lot about running on tired legs and it truly made me a stronger and much faster runner. I enjoyed it so much I intend on making it an annual event. After the Woodlands Marathon next spring I fully intend on streaking again.

How did our bet end? A draw.

Friendly Competition


Sunday of last week I decided to start a running streak, run at least one mile every single day. It’s exactly the motivation I need right now to get out the door everyday.

I’m excited about the prospect of a true running streak. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but I’ve been hesitant to streak when training for a race. It will be quite a challenge, for sure. We don’t own a treadmill so running at least one mile a day will mean wrangling the kids, going outside and getting sweaty, or rained on, or driving to the Y.

Yesterday, I went on my first one mile run and decided it was a great opportunity to take little E with me on her bike. She thought riding while mommy ran was the coolest thing ever.

I originally planned on a goal of 30 days for this little challenge until I told my husband about my plan.

Purely by coincidence Jason started a streak of his own that same day. He wants to loose a few pounds and has decided part of his weight loss strategy is to completely abstain from alcohol until he reaches his goal. Anyone who knows us, knows how much we both love our wine and how much he loves his craft beer so this came as quite a surprise. It will require will power that I’m not sure he has….

…which is why when, he suggested a friendly wager on who breaks first I was more than happy to oblige.

no beer

What’s at stake?

A new set of golf clubs for him


A spa day for me.

Of course, I want him to be successful. I want him to reach his weight loss goal but at the same time I want to go to the spa soooo yeah. Let them games begin!

As of today we have completed day 8. I’ll keep you updated.