Hi! I’m Joni. I’m a mom to an adorable 7-year-old daughter and crazy 5-year-old son. I’m an outdoor lover, running coach, Ironman triathlete and of course, a runner. I’ve run 15 half marathons (PR 1:36), 8 full marathons (PR 3:29), and three 50-milers. I’m a three-time Boston qualifier living in Houston.

How did my blog get its name?

Rocks on a Fence Post is a phrase which has come to have a lot of meaning for me. When I began training for my first marathon we would go to my parents’ house for my long runs so they could help my husband watch our daughter, who was an infant at the time.

My parents live out in the country, on a dead end road just 3/4 of a mile long. Each long run, up to 22 miles, was spent running up and down their street for hours. In the days before I had a Garmin, to keep track of how far I’d gone (and to help pass the time) after each 1.5-mile lap, I would stop at their mailbox and move a rock from their driveway onto a nearby fence post.

IMAG0849As the runs became longer my rock collection grew to be quite impressive. They symbolized a lot of work, sweat, pain, and determination. They said, “Joni ran here. She ran hard. She went home tired.”

The rocks are a great analogy for this blog.  Just as each rock represented a small part of a long training run, each entry represents a very small part of my life.

Yes, this is about running but that’s one rock – just one small piece of a much larger picture of who I am. It’s also about being a mom, wannabe chef, and outdoor enthusiast. Most importantly, this blog is about trying to fit all those rocks onto one fence post without going crazy – which brings me back to running.

For me, everything always goes back to running.

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