My Running Bag

Yesterday, as I was preparing for my daily run I started thinking….for a sport that only requires a pair of shoes (ask any proponent of barefoot running if those are even necessary) I sure do have a lot of running stuff! So, I figured in the funness that is my blog that I would dump out my bag and give you, my few loyal blog readers, a peek inside. Not that you care. Actually, if you don’t care you can move onto the next really interesting blog on your list of stuff to read. If, however, you do care then read on!

Running Shoes: I think this is self explanatory
Heart Rate Monitor: because I want to know if I’m about to die
Heart Rate Monitor Gel: so the heart rate monitor will work
Athletic Tape – 2 rolls: just in case…
Spongy Stuff That Goes Under the Athletic Tape: so I don’t rip out hair
Anti-Chafe Stick: to prevent blisters…and other friction related injuries
Running Pouch: to hold keys and cell phone
Sunglasses: so I don’t go blind
Sunscreen: so I don’t die from skin cancer…too bad I always seem to forget to wear it
Band-Aids: just in case I don’t use enough anti-chafe stick
Light Jacket: cause sometimes I get cold once I get sweaty – yes, I know that makes no sense
Locker Key: so I have a place to put my bag at the gym
Ponytail Holders: keeps the hair out of my face
Headband: for all the hair that falls out of the ponytail holder
Two Old Goats: topical pain reliever
Umbrella: in the event of rain, duh
Compression Sleeves: to help prevent shin splints
Ace Bandages: for holding ice packs on my shins…to help prevent shin splints
Visor: see sunglasses, sunscreen
Ice Socks: actually these are washrags that I sewed two sides up on to hold the bags of ice for my shins
Ibuprofen: just in case the Old Goats don’t quite get the job done
Hand Sanitizer: for post-Porta Potty use at races
Mace: for the neighborhood Pit Bulls that chase me…and for the neighbors, if that ever becomes a problem
Plastic Shopping Bag: to contain all my sweaty workout clothes so they don’t soak the rest of the bag
Snack Size Ziplock Bag: for my phone to go in so it doesn’t get sweaty in the pouch
Book: to read while I’m icing my shins

Obviously, this list doesn’t include the many pairs of running shorts, sports bras, sweat wicking shirts (necessary for the gym…otherwise I wouldn’t wear them), and special running socks that don’t live in my bag but instead take up an entire drawer in my dresser…and don’t even get me started on cold weather running gear…that’s a whole different blog entry!

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